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Girls In Their Undies Vs. Zombies

By on June 25, 2013
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These pin-ups were created by the infamous graphic artist John Masse (massgrfx on DeviantArt). Girls In Their Undies Vs. Zombies is a set of pin-ups that provide two of my favorite things; half-naked girls and the undead…

So enjoy, these underwear-clad beauties in awkward positions as they slay zombies…

Thanks to John Masse for letting us carry Girls In Their Undies Vs. Zombies on Zombie Pop!



Zetruc (Curtez spelled backwards), is the managing editor for Zombie Pop. He's been infatuated with Zombies since he was knee high to a crawler, and been a closet prepper ever since. Curtez serves in the US Army, and actively blogs on several sites.


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  • http://zombiejoestavern.com Zombie Joe

    Great post. These pin-ups are just terror-rific! I’d love to post something about this guy and his work on my blog.

    • Zetruc

      Joe, I agree absolutely love the pinups… I hope the artist takes the time to create more….

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